Dog Training

Professional Dog Training in Littleton, CO

Whether you have a new puppy that needs to start from scratch or teach that older dog new tricks, we offer classes and training sessions for every level of learner. We focus on force-free, reward-based training to get cooperation and good manners.  Our dedicated professional dog trainers will use a practical, positive, relationship-focused approach that provides lasting results.

Training a dog

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Our Dog and Puppy Training Programs

Puppy socialization class

Puppy Socialization Package

This Package combines the Puppy Socialization Class and Obedience 1 Class into one affordable price, and is perfect for owners who are committed to an emotionally stable, easily trained dog.


  • For puppies 10-19 weeks old


  • On-going schedule
  • Begins Sunday at 4pm - start any week
  • 45-minute class, once a week
  • Duration dependent on age of puppy, please ask for details


  • $189.00

Obedience 1

Practical Obedience 1 focuses on force-free, reward-based cooperation and good manners. Note: Practical Obedience is not appropriate for dogs with aggression towards people or other dogs.


  • Puppies 20 weeks/5 months or old
  • Not appropriate for dogs with aggression towards people or other dogs.


  • How to teach, reinforce and use the behaviors you want.
  • Interruption skills, coming when called, polite greetings, polite leash walking, stay, leave it, sit, down, etc.
  • How to create a well-mannered dog.
  • How to motivate the dog to be an enthusiastic training partner.


  • Begins Sunday, October 29th at 5pm
  • No class November 26th (Thanksgiving weekend)
  • Once a week for 5 weeks


  • $139.00
Dog Obedience Training

Our Dog Training Philosophy

Training a dog to lay down

The Most Important Person

No matter how well we train your dog, no training is complete without the most important person: you! When you enroll your dog in a training program, we’ll be communicating with you every step of the way to ensure that your dog’s training remains consistent once they leave us. We also offer a number of classes for you to attend with our trainer, so that you can see first-hand how to train and maintain. We strive to develop that bond between you and your dog for years to come.

Positive and Compassionate

We believe that the best trained dogs are the ones that want to learn and grow alongside their owners. That’s why we use positive reinforcement methods for training purposes. No shock or pinch collars, no dominance theory, and absolutely no physical force. A dog who is incentivized to learn positively is a dog who will remain trained in every situation.

Training a dog